steam punk

Wild, wild librarians?

It’s homecoming week, the theme this year has your library staff feeling inspired.

The television show, Wild, Wild West, aired from 1965-1969, foreshadowed a genre of literature that is now more commonly known as “steam punk.”  The movie, starring Will Smith, came out in 1999 and rocketed the genre into the public eye, inspiring a new form of dress (and play). Rooted in the historical period of industrialization, steam punk spins off into the realm of science fiction with mechanization and imagination.  We carry a number of steam punk titles in our collection, including:

  • The Clockwork Princess series, by Cassandra Clare
  • A Thousand Steampunk Creations, by Joey Marsocci
  • Steampunk Frankenstein, adaptation by Zednca Basic
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a graphic novel by Alan More
  • Full Metal Alchemist, anime by Hiromu Arakawa
    …and many more

Be sure to check out the book display in the hall.  Just ask if you’d like us to get one of them out for you.

Ms. Prunella McShushWe even have a steam punk librarian (sort of).  Meet Ms. Prunella McShush, featured in a blog of the same name.  When Mrs. Cowell was a little girl (about the time of that original television series (Wild, Wild West) her mother often fondly referred to her as Prunella.  Coincidence?  Maybe.