Pass it on…

The library is an open resource at MGHS.  This means that students and staff can use our facility before and after school, as well as during free and scheduled learning periods (class time, study halls, preps, etc.).

Of course, the library is also a shared resource.  There are times when we simply can’t accommodate everyone.  Below are guidelines getting in when you need the space.

Have class?  Teachers, you can schedule your whole class to come into the library through our online library calendar and scheduling systems. You can also use the system to schedule small groups of students who need to work collaboratively away from the classroom into our collaboration rooms.  If you need to send a student to work individually, just give us a call to make sure we have the space/computers your student will need.

Have study hall?  Students, you can come in during your study hall, but you’ll need to drop by and pick up a pass from us prior to the period you’d like to be here.  These passes help

  1. US plan for facilities and computer use (maximizing our space!)
  2. YOU to move quickly from your study hall to the library (maximizing your time!)

Once you get here, drop your pass and your student ID (we scan these to track attendance) at the front desk.

Have open campus?

Please drop your ID at the circulation desk.  This allows us to track your usage of the library, too.



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